Application Migration | Latest Cloud Technology

Application Migration is a process of porting an existing solution and database into a better and improved platform, technology or device. This can be due to several reasons – change in hardware, software, process change in the business or other maintenance requirement.

Infomaze ensures seamless Application Migration by:

  • Recommendation of correct technology and plan
    • Creating test environment to do a process check before porting completely
    • Ensuring the following:
      • No or very little downtime
      • No data loss or corruption
      • No performance degradation

Infomaze Team specializes in

  • Database migration
    • MSSQL SERVER older versions to MSSQL SERVER 2008/2012
    • PostgreSQL to MySQL and vice versa
    • MS Access Database to MSSQL SERVER or other
  • Web Application Migration
    • Classic ASP to ASP.NET (C#)
    • CGI Perl to PHP
    • Desktop application to web based solutions