Big Data is a term used to describe the large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured. Big Data Management hence refers to a set of processes or a solution, which administers these data in a logical manner so that it can be stored, accessed and analyzed for the benefit of the organization to which the data belongs to.

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What leads to Big Data?

There are various reasons why we have large volumes of data now:

  • Increase of medium from where data flows in including devices, social media platforms, independent analyst team, web, customer feedback etc.
  • Cut throat competition requires more data for analysis, reporting, new product development, improvement etc.
  • Historical storage of data required for accountability, research and analysis purpose.

As the volume increases it is becoming more and more challenging for the organization to find a suitable solution to store, analyze and report for their benefits.

Why do we need Big Data?

The more the data the better the chances of analyzing it accurately and using it for the benefit of the business and the society. This can lead to detecting operational efficiencies, eliminating shortfalls, cost reduction and reducing risk factors.

There are large volume of data, which still remains untapped by existing Analytical Application and could add significant value in the decision making process. For example, if something is trending on the internet it should be immediately informed to the Sales/Marketing team to create pages/newsletter for their audience.

Infomaze and Big Data

Infomaze provides Big Data Analytics solution that will help organization to analyze and make the best out of the data in terms of cost, correct decisions, customer experience and maximize profits.

There are various steps involved before we work out any solution and can start with analyzing the current organizational data structure, analytical practices and future requirements.

We use Hadoop for big data deployment. We develop applications on top of Hadoop to work out the unstructured or semi-structured data, dig deep to find hidden patterns and information, which was not possible in the past due traditional RDBMS systems.What comes out gives the organization new set of information, which can be further analyzed and help them to take the corrective, positive and growth oriented decision.

Presently the team is working on large data log of a big organization to scoop out some behavioral pattern using Big Data platforms of Hadoop and Hive. We are confident the results will help the organization improve their strategies based on the results.