Digital Asset Management Software (DAM)

The Digital Asset Management System (Digital MIS) helps you organize all your digital files scattered across various systems/ users to a centralized place to manage and distribute as required. Our Digital MIS is a web based solution, which allows organizing your files in a cloud based environment and distributing the files between users, clients, editors and others in a very simplistic way.

The key features of the Digital MIS are:

  • Upload your files, images, and other media using drag & drop tool or traditional upload method
  • Upload multiple files at one go and see the upload via progress bar
  • Upload files in one or multiple categories. Categories can be nested and unlimited
  • System auto creates thumbnail of PDF | images for easy identification
  • You can tag your file and also give it a description. This will help searching
  • Search is fast and searches the tags, description, file name as well
  • Maintain history of the file and retrieve the old file with ease
  • Distribute files to other users (external as well) by adding the file on to a Virtual Cart and sending links via email to download individual files or entire cart
  • Create multiple users and allow multi-level access by allowing/dis-allowing categories
  • Hide important categories/files from all users
  • Run report on file access
  • Restrict access to the system via IP address
  • Cloud based solution, hence access files from anywhere using your secured username and a password
  • Software as a Service model and hence no huge investment. Pay a small setup fee and monthly cost as per usage.

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