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Hire Mobile App Developer

Hire developer or a team to create mobile apps

Infomaze offers a wide range of mobile apps development for various OS platforms. Our mobile apps work on iPhones, Android-based smartphones and Tablets. We specialize in building apps in the following categories:

  • Communication and alert apps
  • Location-based solutions including City Info, Amenities and others
  • CMS-driven informative apps
  • Financial apps
  • News apps
  • Social & entertainment apps
  • Geo location and tracking apps
  • Promotional apps
  • Company info, stats, reports apps
  • Leisure industry apps.

Infomaze’s team is equipped with the latest hardware and technologies to ensure the most up-to-date app solution. We apply the following processes to ensure that the app is developed in line with the clients’ vision:

  • Requirement gathering and analyzing
  • Wireframe and designing (We have various tools to ensure you see exactly what will be delivered)
  • Development
  • Test environment deployment and activation
  • Hosting
  • Support and upgrades.

 Get in touch with us to customize your package of resources for all your existing and new web projects.

Hire Mobile App Developer

When you hire a developer, you get the best work delivered via the offshore service.

Our developers are highly trained and the work they deliver is outstanding. They go to great extent to ensure so.