Hire Programmer

Hire a Programmer to manage all your web and mobile projects. Infomaze is a client-centric company and over the years we have provided services and team to clients across the globe. Hiring a Team has worked for all our major clients for the following reasons:

  • Infomaze trains its team to ensure they share the same vision as yours
  • The team comprises web and mobile experts and can recommend solutions and alternatives based on your requirements
  • Good command of English language so that they can communicate verbally too
  • Development Tracker to monitor the developments, estimated time of arrivals (ETA) and task status, comments and notes
  • Code is maintained over Source Safe with history and transferred to your server on weekly basis to ensure you have the latest version of the application.
  • Weekly mandatory meeting for updates, discussions and future development plan
  • Flexibility of hiring a full time,part time or hourly based team
  • Our team works on defined process flow and hence new or existing members can be replaced without any loss of time.
  • With a bigger team, Infomaze adds extra members to the team. This helps you to increase your resource without having the team member start from scratch
  • Dedicated Project Coordinators (Account Managers) are allocated to ensure smooth running of the project
  • Robust security to ensure your application and knowledge base (IP) is protected via Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

 Cost and other benefits:

  • Huge cost saving in terms of infrastructure and building team
  • Industry and technology ready team to jump start your project
  • Low cost with superior quality services
  • Benefits of ready code libraries from our Research team to ensure very less time is spent on new or complicated functionality
  • Latest hardware and software to ensure team works with the latest technology and development environment
  • Highly flexible in terms of working, which means you pay as you use the resource.

How does it work?

  • You contact us with your requirement
  • Based on the requirement, we will give the team’s profile
  • You can select from the profile and even speak to team over Skype, Phone
  • You can confirm the pricing, type (full time/part time) and duration of the project
  • We sign NDA and other proprietary protection documents
  • We assign Development Tracker and others to you so that the development can begin and tracked
  • You can request to add more resource or reduce the resource (by giving agreed time of notice) and manage your team .

Want any of these developers?

We are sure hiring a team with Infomaze will ensure quality development and maintenance of your project at an affordable cost, with superior quality.