Customer Relationship Management -CRM

The Infomaze CRM Solution is a web based cloud model, which helps you to manage your leads, both customers and prospects. The solution manages perfect sales process stages by recording leads, creating opportunities, tracking opportunity stages, comparing it with the forecast (both overall and individual sales person) and running various customized reports.

General CRM (Applicable for any Industry)

  • Cloud based model – pay as you use the module
  • Multi access level system to allocate, hide and show all or few data based on settings
  • Leads – add manually or direct entry from your campaign, website or others
  • Merge, delete, categorize Leads
  • Convert lead to become customer/contact
  • Manage customer with one or multiple contacts
  • Create opportunities with either a lead or an existing customer
  • Track various stages of the opportunities and assign a value to each stage, which then reflects in Forecast vs Actual page
  • Close opportunities to convert lead to become a customer automatically.
  • Send Quote of standard products to customer and convert those quotes to become orders
  • Create various follow up task and events
  • See all the task as per priority, due dates etc. in the dashboard or calendar
  • Run campaigns. Links with MailChimp
  • Run customized reports
  • All the forms for leads, customers are customizable and you can add as many fields you want to manage your CRM records.
  • Links with various third party services integrates with other systems as well.

Print CRM

Print CRM does everything stated in the General CRM in addition to dealing with print specific needs:

  • Extending CRM to manage contacts with departments, cost centre
  • Multiple addresses within the Company
  • Estimating wizards for various printing cost
  • Print Quote in your company branded PDF and email to customer
  • Progress quote to become a job, create electronic job card and manage job flow
  • Create Purchase Order for outwork quotes or paper purchase
  • Stock management of your products
  • Trace and track of all workflow including quotes, jobs, purchases and invoices
  • Customer facing to order directly from the web store
  • Plus, a  host of other features… Read Here

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