Web Based Development

Infomaze’s core competency lies in executing projects that are web based. We truly understand the importance that online business has to offer and our development methodologies are designed to enable our customer efficiently conduct their business on the net.

Our key focus areas include:

B2B/B2C development: Infomaze specializes in developing internet websites based on the B2B or B2C model.

Below are some industrial examples of our successful deployment of the B2B model build:

  • Print
  • E-Commerce
  • Dealership
  • Home Decor

Our prime focus areas for delivering these projects is a combination of exhaustive design coupled with the use of best-of-breed technology (both open source and vendor bound) and stringent test cycles to ensure that the end-product exceeds customer expectations.

Concept Replication: Not everyone can think of a bright idea! There are some who like the concept but would like to add their own flavor. Infomaze helps its customers in meeting their need of cloned application, it helps its customer to offer a better alternative to the original application. The development of cloned application is done in such a way as to avoid infringing copyright laws. We have successfully created our own flavors of the leading online CRM applications for some of our customers.

Internet Marketing: The advent of internet has provided great opportunities for generating revenue through internet marketing tools like pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, interactive advertising, search engine marketing, blog marketing and article marketing. Infomaze has considerable experience in delivering solutions that help our customers remain competitive on the net. Our specialty lies in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique wherein we smartly play with the website structure and content in order to reach top rankings in the most popular search engines.

Application Development

Infomaze has a specialized team of highly skilled individuals who work cohesively to deliver customers’ business needs. Our delivery framework focuses extensively on each aspect of the software development model with 360 degree feedback taken at the end of each and every phase of the development time-frame. We also encourage and implement agile development methodologies for quicker time to market but at the same time give equal importance to quality delivery roll-out by carrying out different levels of testing on application. The skills of the team members backed by clever tenets of project management helps ensure that our delivery exceeds customer expectations.

Our X-Model defines the five sphere of influence that drives the application development process within Infomaze.

Our range of skills covers both Microsoft based and open source technologies. Over the years, we have trained our manpower on the .NET framework as it provides us the opportunity to harness the component architecture offered by the .NET framework which results in robust and feature-rich applications.

Back Office Operations

In today’s competitive environment, companies look for ways and means to cut costs and back office operations like payroll processing, data-entry jobs, customer support calls and query processing – the areas involving significant labour cost. Outsourcing of these operations brings the two-fold advantage of bringing down the cost, thereby increasing the bottom-line and allowing the company to concentrate on its core business.

Infomaze has the skills and the infrastructure to take care of your back office operation needs. We provide a cheap and quality-oriented alternative for providing support to back office operations including voice and data support available 24X7 and 365 days a year.

Our setup in Mysore offers proximity to the technical hub of India, Bangalore; which gives us all the advantages in terms of logistics and at the same time enables us to keep the infrastructure cost down as Mysore is significantly more reasonable as compared to Bangalore.

Application Support Maintenance

Companies which carry out business on the internet need to ensure that their applications are available round the clock and also 365 days a year. Infomaze ensures the same with its distinguished application support group that specifically focuses on ensuring that our customers’ business is always available.

We offer both on-call and in-office support packages, the support is totally offshore driven with infrastructure to remotely monitor the server and the applications, since application support means access to our customer’s secure environment, we ensure that customers’ application is not allowed unauthorized access by following a very rigid security policy.

Each application support team is singularly dedicated towards a particular client and is led by a team leader who ensures that each aspect of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is met without excuses. The resolution to the problem not only involves quick fixes but a detailed diagnosis of the root cause of the problems and subsequent communication to various concerned teams. The whole process is documented and reported for knowledge management and auditing purposes.