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Infomaze has been in the IT industry for over 16 years and has provided solutions, IT consultancy and other IT related services including API services to global clientele. Based on India, Infomaze also provides a wide range of unbeatable offshore services to any location.

The software development company provides ZOHO customization services by experts for all business requirements. We delivered one such client an all-inclusive application using ZOHO creator to change the way they handle their business. ZOHO integration is easily one of our key services.


The Australian Driver Training & Assessment Center used manual methods to intake applicants for training. This required a lot of time while the process could not even be streamlined optimally. Being a leader in the industry, the client wanted a system that could justify their hold on the work that they do.

Driver Training & Assessment Center Software

The center needed a system in place that could automate their processes and result in optimized benefit for them. The system must also help students register easily and sync data into a centralized place.

Access to required data in real-time with advanced search that would save them time needed to search for records manually to move any process ahead.

The client needed a job seekers portal where they could manage job placements for enrolled students and also send out notifications.

How Infomaze Helped:

Infomaze brought in automation to the entire process from student enrollment to job placements. The solution was made with ZOHO creator to give the client’s business optimized workflow and thus better productivity.

The application has both secure and unsecured access. All login including Admin and Driver/Student access is secured. As for the public, access is unsecured.

Online Access – Online Enrollment
  • Students can enroll to driver education online through a secured login while officers can view and verify the enrollment details.
  • Admin can conduct and students can take literacy test online through our application.
ZOHO Creator
Infomaze Technologies
  • Admin can send out customized job-ready notification to students.
  • Admin can generate enrollment report as well as literacy test report per student.


The client was very happy with the application that Infomaze created for them with ZOHO creator. They are looking forward for another phase of the application.

Infomaze makes business management easy with ZOHO integration and many more customization services. Not sure what your business needs? We will let you talk to our expert to decide!

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With emerging technologies, it has become crucial to employ a viable technology framework for the development of web and mobile applications. AngularJS is one of the most preferred JavaScript framework among many industries ranging from start-up to enterprises.

The framework is mainly used to develop agile and powerful Single-Page Applications (SPA). As the technology is evolving rapidly, most companies these days are deploying AngularJS developers to build their mobile applications. The framework makes front-end development as easy as possible and comes with great features that will make your application stand out from the rest.


Infomaze Technologies is a skilled Angular.JS specialist for hire that caters to a global client base with remarkable services. Being an offshore software development center India, they build reliable and trustworthy AngularJS applications. It is a largely preferred framework due to its high performance plus comprehensive & intuitive nature. Hire AngularJS developers from Infomaze for feature-rich applications and other software solutions. Added to this, we offer end-to-end solutions and build effective applications to fit all your business needs.

The advantages of choosing AngularJS for your business:

1. Ionic framework: Ionic is a front-end SDK (Software Development Kit) for the development of hybrid mobile applications and offers multiple UI segments for a rich feel. Hire developer now for best-in-class service and future ready applications.

2. Single-Page Applications: AngularJS is well known for the development of single-page applications. SPA loads the entire content of a site within a single page and therefore, clicking on other links will not update the page. Some domains that have single-page applications are: video streaming websites, weather forecast, user-review, travel apps, etc.

Intuitive web applications to make your application stand out from the rest

3. Effective data binding or two-way data binding: Two-way data binding is one of the finest features of AngularJS. There is effective synchronization between data model and HTML view. Any changes made in the UI are immediately reflected in the data model and vice versa.

4. Declarative UI: AngularJS is used to make portable Angular UI applications that include both Bootstrap 3 and Angular stage. AngularJS implements HTML which is a declarative language that creates flexible and intelligible UI. The code style is much simpler and intuitive, hence you only have to describe what you need and AngularJS has it for you.

5. Amazing user experience: AngularJS takes care of the overall look and feel of the application while your application is being built. The framework has inbuilt libraries and modules that makes the application visually appealing, thus providing great user experience. Hire developer now from our software consultancy India for an enhanced user experience.

6. Faster deployment and easy to use:AngularJS speeds up the development process and builds the applications in lesser time and effort. AngularJS makes applications easy to manage and alleviates the complexities due to its architectural setup and dynamic nature. Our team has in-depth knowledge about the core functionalities of AngularJS and are constantly writing and re-writing codes to eliminate all possible errors to ensure that our clients find it easier to maintain the applications.

7. Security: Security is a major concern to all business enterprises as any breach in security would cause huge data malfunctions and enterprises cannot afford to risk their data. AngularJS uses RESTful (Representational State Transfer) APIs as HTTPS interface to interact with the servers to present the data and protect your application from harmful threats or virus.

Enhanced data security with malware protection

8. Strong and flexible routing: Our AngularJS development company presents you with single-page application development for a strong and flexible routing. SPAs are displayed on one single page and you don’t have to redirect to a new page every time you click on a link or a sub-menu. Hire AngularJS developers from our offshore software development center India to build agile and robust single-page applications.

9. POJO data models:The data models used in AngularJS are POJO (Plain Old Javascript Objects), wherein you do not require extra getter and setter functions. POJO comes with impulsive and well planned objects and thus, it makes AngularJS both self-sufficing and easy to use. Hire developer from an outsourced software development India for customized business solutions.

10. MVC pattern: MVC pattern is an added advantage. We build rich web applications based on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. MVC framework makes the applications versatile, dynamic and easy to use.

11. Increased flexibility: Even though AngularJS comes with a sophisticated design architecture and server performance, it is extremely convenient to use and hence, AngularJS is a largely implemented framework among various industries ranging from small to large.

As we all know, AngularJS is one of the best JavaScript frameworks till date and has proven to reap huge benefits for business enterprises. Implementing the framework can drastically improve your website performance and scale your business. For this reason, it is the most popularly used framework across the globe for the development of effective web and mobile applications.

Infomaze Technologies is a renowned AngularJS development company in India that has skilled Angular.JS specialist for hire who will easily fill in your diverse business needs and take you ahead of your competition.

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Property purchases made easy

Executive Summary:

Let’s face it, everything has moved online in today’s world and so has property search. Finding property can be complicated and lacks transparency. Thus it is essential for real estate companies to mark their online presence by building a robust and reliable website. Infomaze Technologies offers a wide range of its services to various companies of different verticals on a global platform. It is well known as a trusted software development company for real estate websites and portals.

We have helped a client that happens to be a giant real estate service provider from U.S.A. by developing a sleek and ultra modern website. The client we helped is the largest property tax consultant in the United States. Earlier, the client’s website was being developed by another company for more than a year. Since the client wasn’t happy with the outcome, the client opted Infomaze to deliver better results with the project.

In this case study, we shine light upon how Infomaze Technologies helped the real estate company establish its web presence professionally and within a short period of time.

Project size:

Our IT professionals arduously worked towards re-engineering the client’s existing website and as much as 11 members were engaged in this project. Various teams fused together and were entrusted with different jobs to undertake. The teams were:

1. UI & UX team
2. .Net team
3. Content and SEO team
4. Database team – SQL server and elastic server
5. Server team – 1 or 2 people that set up & ensured best server performance
6. Project manager
7. Team leads
8. QA (Quality Assurance) team – 2 testers

Project duration:

We were on a strict deadline of completing the website within a span of 3 months and as promised, we delivered the project on-time.

Technologies used:

.Net Core 2, SQL server 2016, Elastic search, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap


As discussed earlier, the client’s project was previously built by a different software development company. However, as the outcome did not meet the client’s expectations, the project was handed over to Infomaze. The existing website comprised of many issues like over-lagging, unresponsiveness, poor design, complexity in managing database and many more.

Hence, the client was looking for a straightforward and intelligible solution that would enhance user experience by implementing more powerful features.

The client’s requirements were as follows:

1. A real estate website that would act as a common platform for commercial real estate owners, buyers, sellers, professionals, Commercial Appraisers, etc.
2. Tools that would help in providing complete details of all commercial properties in U.S.A.
3. An open website that can be accessed by general public to assess basic valuation and property information.
4. Redesigning the existing website into a more sophisticated portal that would be both responsive and scalable.
5. Full serviced listings for agents to list millions of properties.
6. Enhanced CMS.
7. Centralized data management.

How Infomaze helped:

Using the latest technologies, Infomaze diligently planned, re-designed and developed a new website for the client. As their trusted IT partner, we showcased our expertise and professionalism by completing the project (real estate website development) in a very short time.

What makes this website truly extraordinary is that it’s easily navigable and provides complete details of all the commercial properties within U.S.A. It is custom built to target Commercial Appraisers, buyers, sellers, owners, professionals, etc., and displays in-depth information about each property. The website estimates LUC (Land Use Category), GBA (Gross Building Area), property appraisal, etc., to make property dealing an easy job. Also, we integrated various other features. They are as follows:

1. Advanced search feature.
2. Google Maps-enabled to locate properties.
3. Draw a map feature within the map to filter results in that particular region.
4. Property finder tool that refines results based on property size, price and location.
5. SEO friendly website that uses OG META tags.
6. A ‘guesstimate’ tool to assess the value of properties.
7. Comparison tool to enable users to compare properties within a given radius.
8. CMS system.
9. A flexible and fast classifieds system to list millions of properties.
10. Dedicated page for each property.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans:

The re-invented project reaped many benefits and the client witnessed noticeable growth. The advanced modules we integrated resulted in improved efficiency and lucidity, as well as increased scalability and user satisfaction. Added to this, the search engine optimized website has attracted massive traffic and has enabled the client’s real estate portal gain recognition on a global platform.

In the near future, the client is planning on expanding their business and wishes to add extra modules like loan calculator, live chat, discussion forum, interest rate calculator, etc., and aims to provide these services across continents.

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Mobility is something that is expected in everything – be or gadgets or even furniture! So how can you be satisfied with applications that can only work in fixed environment like your office?

Here’s where application migration comes into the picture. Cloud computing has been the latest trend for a while now and rightly so. With cloud, applications are stored In virtual storage, meaning your company need not provide storage space. This storage space is provided by your cloud service provider.

Application Migration to Cloud

If you haven’t tried cloud yet, you need to opt for cloud migration right away. Many companies provide cloud application migration services in India while choosing the best needs a little thought. Always opt for a company that has prior experience and is dedicated to IT services.

Regardless of what industry your business lies in, data is important and always will be. Secure it by getting it migrated to the cloud by a reliable cloud migration service provider.

The current biggest example of cloud computing users are e-commerce companies.

Below are some reasons why industries need to consider application migration to cloud:

Increased Security

While we are still talking about security, taking to cloud increases security for your data. Cloud providers keep most unwanted traffic outside from access to machines that store you data including applications. Whether application or data, security measures are mandatory. Data on the cloud will never be lost as it is safe in a remote server.

Quick Deployment

Cloud lets you deploy your apps and services quicker than ever. This is since you don’t have to spend any time in tedious process like researching for and purchasing server, setting it up with a network, etc.

Quick Deployment with Cloud

Cost Effective

You only pay for a much storage as you use. This makes cloud services highly cost effective. Migrating to cloud proves to be advantageous yet again. Cloud migration service providers offer pay-as-you-go type of pricing.


Any company have varying requirements and cloud provides resource scalability that can go perfectly in sync with your changing requirements. You can scale required resources up or down as necessary and cloud will handle it efficiently.

Scalable Resources on Cloud


There will never be complexity of infrastructure as you just need to give required information for launch of necessary services. Clouds takes care of everything thereafter, saving time and warding off any hassles. Physical storage in the office is not required as all your data is on the cloud.

Application Migration Services require expertise and Infomaze is a cloud application migration service provider that is very reliable.

Infomaze Technologies

The professional IT consultant and services provider offers its software solutions on the cloud. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is one of the best cloud platforms that you can opt for. It also provides the most security as compared to other cloud models.

If you now know the importance of application migration, why wait? It’s time that you make the switch to cloud.

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Executive Summary:

Digital rewards card is a non-monetary rewards system that can be redeemed via cellphone or a tablet. It is user-friendly and its usage does not require any technological expertise. The points can be availed via e-mail, SMS or even social media accounts from the comfort of one’s own home.

We at Infomaze, have helped a client with a specialized digital cards and eWallet solution. The solution is helpful in the creation of digital gift cards, punch cards, coupons, cashback, etc., under a single platform. Our hassle-free digital gift cards solution consists of different tools for merchants to issue and users to redeem credits online, saving a lot of time and resources.


Our prospecting client was particularly looking for an all under one roof solution for issuance and redemption of digital reward points, e-gift cards, eWallets and punch cards. They were facing challenges in driving sales due to low participation of customers. The client was thus seeking for an overall solution to identify loyal customers and analyze their participation rate.

Given below are some of the specifications our client needed:

1) QR code generated digital cards issued by merchants for users to redeem.
2) An option of sharing digital reward points with users inspite of them not having the mobile application, inducing users to download the application to redeem points.
3) Cashback option for each time a user exceeds given shopping limit.
4) A dashboard for merchants to keep track of issued digital cards, punch cards, users’ eWallets, etc.
5) Integration of payment gateways and other apps.


After calculating all possibilities, our team deliberately came up with a smart solution for the client’s requirements. We developed a mobile-integrated solution for merchants as well as end-users.

Our digital rewards card and eWallet solution is highly compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. The merchants can issue coupons, reward points or gift cards and also share them directly with customers through various social media platforms. The app also has in-app notifications which can be enabled or disabled as per one’s convenience.

Dashboard to generate reward points

Our solution consisted the following:

1) A single application that lets customers smoothly handle various digital store cards.
2) QR code generated by digital cards for easy procurement of points.
3) We offered to develop iOS and Android applications in a robust platform wherein the merchants can issue digital cards, punch cards, coupons, reward points or gift cards and share it across with customers; simultaneously taking care of related functions.
4) Dashboard for merchants to conveniently issue reward points and digital gift cards in an instant.
5) A different URL for users to access their digital wallets online without having to go through any hassle.
6) Our dedicated team worked on the integration of other apps and payment gateway integration.

How the product helped:


Easy to operate
The website is extremely easy to navigate and hence, the merchants can smoothly handle all operations from the dashboard. The digital rewards card and eWallet solution displays complete information of different varieties of offers the merchants will release, assess the value of digital reward cards, number of punch cards, number of coupons to be issued, etc.

Increase in sales
There has been a considerable raise in the frequency of customer visits ever since we introduced our digital cards and eWallet solution. Our extensive digital cards & eWallet solution helped retain existing customers, concurrently attracting new ones which paved way for increased sales.

Compatible with iOS and Android OS
The digital rewards card and eWallet solution was extremely helpful in generating reward points, issuing coupons and gift cards; it could be shared directly with customers through various social media platforms. The best part is that this solution is compatible with both iOS and Android OS.

Supports multi-location business
The solution worked great even with our multi-located business and the entire catalogue could be accessed; that included digital cards, reward points, cashback, coupons, punch cards, etc., therefore meeting the needs of different business types.

Easiest way to earn and redeem shopping points


1) Increased trust with merchants.
2) Merchants generously credit reward points into privileged user’s digital cards and eWallets, thereby encouraging users to shop more often.
3) Frequent users can enjoy unique benefits such as cashback, additional discounts, special offers or reward points into their digital card, eWallet, etc., therefore helping users save more with each purchase.
4) Users get opportunities to earn reward points into their digital wallets by posting about the merchant on social media or following respective merchants’ accounts on the platform.

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Data is no longer a word that can be taken lightly. Data is ever increasing all around the world in a million ways or more.

Untouched data demands space and for organizations to provide that space means more expenditure. Not only that, it may also be mistaken and used for decisions if not monitored well.

Data management requires the best approach in order to pick out the data that can be converted to information and discard the rest. This process is known as data cleansing, named quite literally. It may include discarded old records that no longer serve the company in any way, etc. The remaining data is processed, interpreted and structured to be rendered useful.

Data Visualization for Presentable View

Data visualization makes data very appealing and easy to follow by business users at any level (provided they are authorized, of course).

What matters the most is to choose best data visualization tools from so many that are available on the market.

Brief but comprehensive business information

Data visualization helps you discard unnecessarily lengthy information and provides you all the information you’ll ever need, in brief.

Most Important Information in Brief

Access to same information for all authorized staff

Data is always updated and thus all authorized staff from your organization will have access to the same information at any given time.

Reduces Unnecessary Communication

Since the information access is universal throughout the organization, data visualization saves time by reducing the need for constant communication. Similar understanding of information by authorized staff.

Quicker Action on Information

Assimilation of information includes graphical representation of information such as charts that are easy to manipulate. This results in quicker action on the available information.

Data Visualization Promotes Quicker Action on Information

Improved Decisions by Decision Makers

As data visualization enhances assimilation of information, decision makers can make improved yet quick decisions that will effectively help in business growth.

Improvises Strategic Planning

Data visualization gives a clear picture of important business information in a colorful, graphical form. This aids meetings for better communication and improvises strategic planning and in turn improvises business in the long run.

Improvised Strategic Plan with Data Visualization

Easy to communicate about and share

One of the most important benefits of data visualization is choosing the best data visualization tool. Better the tool, easier it is to share information and manipulate for feasibility. Data visualization specialist will ensure that your information is easy to share with business partners and other associates.

Trend Identification

Data visualization can be used for every business plan. When you collect consumer behavior information consistently, you can figure out consumer behavior and realize popular trends among consumers.

Sales Analysis

Data visualization displays how each product is moving and the same can be illustrated for other members in your organization. Analyze why certain products are not moving well as compared to the best selling. Create better marketing campaigns and target your customers according to the performed sales analysis.

Sales Analysis with Data Visualization

Customized to Fit

You can use data visualization in various ways and customize it to fit your business requirements best. It is a good idea to try a few ways to figure out what fits best since all it requires is the same data input. Emphasize data correlation and render it comprehensive.

When data visualization is so important, you must ensure it’s done right. Hire data visualization specialist in India for affordable yet quality services by data visualization specialists.

Infomaze hosts expert developers, testers, designers and data visualization specialists to provide its clients with top notch services. Hire data visualization specialist from top software development company and IT consultant in India.

Of course, there are just a few points and the benefits of data visualization don’t end here. So, have you tried it yet?

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Data visualization tools are crucial in any data-driven organization, since the human brain is hardwired to process visual data quicker than textual or numeric data. Data visualization tools play an important role in present day communications as it converts raw data into meaningful graphs and charts.

Demonstrating text and numeric data in a pictorial form is what data visualization is all about. Huge volumes of data are accumulated, processed and further reduced to meaningful forms like charts, graphs, maps, tables, bars, etc. Sectors like Healthcare, Software, Education, Banking, Automobile, Factories, Marketing & Advertising, Business Setups, etc., make effective use of data visualization.

Visualize data via tablet or laptop

Infomaze Technologies is a renowned software company that caters to clients throughout the globe. It provides the best data visualization incorporations in projects using the best tools in market like Tableau and QlikView. The company also builds customized data visualization tools right from the scratch.

Aspects to consider before picking an effective data visualization technique:

  • Know your audience. 
  • A good data visualization should arouse the curiosity of the audience
  • Choose a pertinent data visualization technique displaying the relationship between variables, composition, comparison, time-span, etc.
  • Be very pertinent while picking colours and designs.
Decode huge amounts of data with data visualization tools

Interpreting innumerable amounts of raw data can be tough unless it is transformed into meaningful charts or tables. There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing a viable data visualization technique, although it can be overly confusing. In this blog, we will help you pick the best data visualization technique.

Five effective data visualization techniques:

Bar Charts:
A bar graph is used to show a comparison between different items. A standard bar uses either horizontal or vertical bars to represent data. A bar graph is used to avoid confusion when there are more than ten items to compare. Bar charts are used to display individual data based on certain values only. They are effectively used to compare values of different categories, compare parts of a whole, show change over time, etc.

Scattered 3D Plot:
Scattered 3D plot depicts the distribution of different objects in a three dimensional manner. It is essentially used to establish a relationship and mutual impact between specific elements. A scattered plot is also applied to indicate how one variable affects another. The difference between different variables in a scattered plot is called a co-relation because all the elements are closely connected to one another.

Network Diagram:
Network diagram is an effective tool for finding out connections and co-relations between different units. It highlights and bridges the gaps with the help of nodes and the linked lines illustrate the relationship between different entities. The primary function of a network diagram is determining the relationship between different nodes that are clustered together.

Tree Map:
Tree maps are used to exhibit large amounts of hierarchically organized data that are enclosed in rectangular blocks. Typically, the size of each block represents quantities for each category. Each block of category is further divided into sub categories. The primary functions of a tree map is comparing between different elements, hierarchically structuring data, forming proportions, etc.

Pie Chart:
Pie chart is one of the most popularly used data visualization techniques. Pie charts display percentages of data between different groups by dividing a circle into proportional segments. Each segment represents a part of each category, whereas the whole circle indicates the total sum of the data.

Convert raw data into meaningful charts

Hire data visualization specialist in India from a prominent company like Infomaze to get best-in-class service. Our data visualization specialist will assist you in picking the best tools and techniques for your business.

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Whether cloud migration or other migration, Infomaze is highly experienced and has carried out successful Application Migration Services for many clients.

By choosing cloud, you make any future migration processes twice as easy as moving from one cloud environment to another is simpler.

Cloud Migration

Sometimes, even the most obvious migration like third-party software could be skipped if not taken care of. Choosing a service provider for cloud application migration services is thus as important as the migration process itself. Importance of an experienced cloud migration service providers cannot be stressed enough as you are putting in the fate of your business in its hands.

Here are five strategies for successful application migration services:


This is more popular as the ‘lift and shift’ strategy. In most cases, rehosting can be automated with popular tools (Amazon Web Services VM Import/Export . It can also be carried out in the good old manual approach.

Rehosting is majorly opted by large organizations (enterprises) that need to migrate their applications faster. Without needing to implement cloud-specific optimizations, the organization could still save nearly 30% of costs.


One major reason why organizations opt for replatforming is cost saving. For example, they may want to migrate from a paid service to an open-source platform.

This strategy includes application migration to cloud, i.e., running your application but on cloud provider’s infrastructure. This involves upgrading the application from its existing platform to make it run smoothly on the cloud.

As the process does not affect the application’s functionality in any way, it is backward compatible. Meaning, reuse of resources such as development framework and legacy programming languages. The core architecture remains the same.

Targeted Application Migration Services


This strategy includes moving your application to SaaS platform (such as Salesforce, Drupal depending on the application) where you don’t have to maintain a separate IT team to take care of the applications.

The SaaS provider will take care of maintenance, regular updates and other tasks that need to be carried out regularly for smooth running of your application.

Refactoring/ Re-architecting

This strategy is opted to improve overall performance including scalability, agility and thus business continuity. This also means that it involves at least part of cloud-native features.

Although it is expensive as compared to the rest of strategies, this approach is highly beneficial for quickly growing businesses that can actually afford it.

The particles, geometric art, line and dot of Human working hard


The ‘retire’ strategy involves bidding adieu to stagnant features of your IT portfolio. Roughly, 15% of an enterprise’s IT portfolio no longer serves any purpose. This automatically gets your team’s attention where its required – the important areas of your business.

IT resources can be redirected to areas that are actually useful, saving cost as you no longer have to maintain applications that are no longer required.

An inefficient strategy is time consuming, may cause data (and in turn revenue) loss and in short, calls for trouble. Thus, it is very important to ensure that your strategy for application migration. Infomaze has experts who can help you with application migration – whether simple or complex.

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Budget cutting being the major reason, most companies from developed and even developing countries take to offshore services.

Choosing the best offshore software development center is crucial for any success.

The best offshore development center must suggest the current best in-trend technologies and maybe some suggestions to improve your business!

Creative Business Applications

To overtake or even match up to your competitor’s profit, you first need to know how much they’re making. For any public company you know you can just refer the annual audit report that’s available to investors. For a private company, you can approximately figure out the value by knowing the number of employees it hosts.

Increase Business Profit

If you have never tried or heard of offshore development center, you should do so right away! It’s always a good time to switch to offshore services for any business sector.

How are offshore services better than in-house or local?

Save time: The offshore software development center will take care of all assigned work. So, you will have a lot of time to concentrate on other business areas that require your attention and have been neglected all along.

Make the Best of Time Difference

Time Zone: Use the time zone difference to your advantage, depending on the location of the offshore center. Once a day’s work is done for them, you can review it as soon as it’s your working hour and inform them of any modifications before their next working day. You see how it perfectly syncs? Hire offshore development team India as the country hosts one of the highly talented and professional service providers.

Reports: Offshore team that you have hired will regularly share reports of how your project is going on, and even suggest a different approach if that delivers a better output. These reports are accurate and you can just receive and analyze them from wherever you are!

Quality: When you hire offshore development team India, you can be assured of quality that you will get despite the affordability! This is because India is a developing country with highly talented developers and cost of labor is much lesser than that in developed countries. Best-in-class quality is promised.

Expert IT Team

Infrastructure: A major reason to opt for offshore development team is, that you don’t have to provide the infrastructure (this includes all IT-based requirements like software, server, work area, etc.,). Also, you get a READY IT TEAM that will provide you with the best services regardless.

When you work with a reliable offshore software development center, you will also learn a lot of new approaches that will technically help your business in the long run.

All these benefits will help effortlessly knockout your competitor’s profit and keep them wondering how you did it!

Infomaze is a 16-year old IT Consultant & Services Provider and delivers excellent services to global clients as an offshore development center. Solutions range in vast business areas and are created by highly qualified, expert developers. Committed offshore software development team have always delivered the best output for every client.

Infomaze Technologies

No matter what business area you are in, we have a top-notch solution for you. We can develop any solution to suit your unique requirements!

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The digital world hosts a wide range of customers, each of who expects different elements in any B2B online ordering system.

Elements in B2B Ordering Systems

Customers tend to choose one that fits their criteria well. Each perception is different and thus is every need of each customer.

In the present digital world, B2B ecommerce platform is just as important as B2C ecommerce platform as online is what most B2B customers prefer.
However, there are 4 elements customers expect in B2B ordering systems:

Building Elements for B2B

Ease of Use

As holds good for any website in general, B2B customers also look for ease of use as the first priority. A B2B online ordering system that is easy to use will be preferred and serves as a bridge that leads them to the B2B business. Ease of use includes both ease of navigation and easy-to-find controls (such as a button for ‘add to cart’).

Attractive Storefront

Nobody likes to shop at a basic and boring storefront. The B2B online storefront must be attractive enough to engage users so they would want to shop again.
Attractive storefront not only catches the attention of customers but would increase chances of them recommending the same to others. This results in more customers and thus better profit.

Better Profit Equals Business Growth

Offers such as sale and other discounts for top level shopping on the B2B storefront. Notification system to attract customers including SMS alerts ad smartphone push notifications.

Offer Notifications

Smooth Payments

Payments are equally important as the whole shopping experience. If anything, it is greater as it decides how your customer’s shopping experience went. It is thus the final deciding factor of user experience.
With multiple payment modes for customers, they are likely to be impressed. A successful shopping experience is only possible when payment is easy and seamless.

Multiple Pricing

Multiple pricing option will let you customize pricing on the basis of various parameters such as volume/quantity of items, regional and any other.

Multiple Payment Options

Automatic discounted pricing in the shopping cart with no extra tasks. Customer can view to see the actual discounted price they would be paying during the payment process.

Infomaze Technologies – Expert IT Solutions
PrintPLANR Cloud-based Sign Estimating Software

Order management is complex for the B2B owner and B2B order management system provided by your B2B ecommerce software must make this a breeze. Infomaze has created many B2B systems including PrintPLANR that have been a great success with the clients.