Zoho Creator Integration with Infomaze

InfomazeZoho Creator Integration with Infomaze

Infomaze will change the way you look at your business, as we provide optimized business solutions and applications with the help of Zoho Creator for increased workflow and better productivity.

Infomaze creates intuitive applications from scratch and offers everything you need to go from a simple plan to an efficient app.

Zoho Creator is an online app builder that allows businesses to create smart web tools. The easy-to-use solution comes with a set of customizable, intuitive and feature-rich interface. Using this application, users can develop custom applications for their data collection, design their personal workflows and help them set up unique rules for future business scaling. Hence, the solution being extremely user-friendly even to those with little to no programming skills.

Automation on the go

Infomaze builds strong and robust mobile applications for clients throughout the globe. We provide Zoho customization services for all business requirements. Having a significant experience in delivering all-inclusive apps using Zoho Creator, Infomaze will change the way you handle your business.

We make use of the best of technologies to provide custom business solutions to clients. Once Zoho Creator is integrated, it puts your system into production with minimal human interface. Also, Zoho Creator works in accordance with high standards of security, therefore keeping your data safe, updated and backed up at all times. All you’ve got to do is make the right business decisions, our solution will look after the rest.

Infomaze has so far worked on many applications by Zoho for clients across the world. As Zoho Partners, we have created CRM solutions that seamlessly integrate with various systems including e-commerce platforms, analytics software, accounting software, etc., using APIs built by our team.

ZOHO Creator

We use the highest quality security precautions to ensure your data is protected at all times. All security concerns and up-time worries are eliminated with regular back-ups and updates. The integration will automate your entire business and give your client’s business optimized workflow and thus better productivity.

The integration allows users to create powerful mobile applications for both iOS and Android, optimized for smartphones and tablets as well. All applications built on Zoho Creator are automatically mobile-enabled and can be re-branded if need be. You can enable location-based data input, customize layouts, actions and gestures, and use their device camera and microphone to enter data on these mobile applications.

Zoho Creator’s powerful tools for data collection, management, analysis, reporting and collaboration make it a smart choice for small organizations to enterprises to run their business online without any added costs, infrastructure or software. The solution also offers one-of-its-kind drag and drop feature to create forms/tables, design, schedule and perform various other automated actions.

Given below are some of the features that are included in the solution:

Workflow builder

Mobile apps

Integration and API

Customer portal

Multi-language support

Secure access controls

Custom reports and interactive dashboards

Database management

Order management

Workflow management

Secure and reliable programming

Use our solution for an automated workflow and streamlined business process. We build custom applications to fit your business requirements, so you can benefit the most out of the software. Our professional team specializes in Zoho development and will customize the code based on what you want to see in the final application.

Need assistance? Call our team to set up a free demo and they will guide you through the software!