How Infomaze makes Business Intelligence Work

BI Solution
Infomaze’s Business Intelligence (BI) Solution is a Cloud Based model, which is data-driven and helps you to extract & integrate data from almost any source. Our solution allows you to gain insight to your data on a deeper level and hence ensure that you take better decisions for enhancing your business and getting the best ROI.Case Study: BI Solution for a Supply Chain CompanyThe complexity in the dynamic marketplace has increased multifold as there is a data overload everywhere. The need for faster decision-making keeps increasing with it. A BI tool helps any enterprise to take fact-based decisions rapidly, by presenting the data in a manner that anyone can understand. It empowers you with the right information at the right time, resulting in insightful business knowledge with the skill to foresee change and unearth new prospects by using your data very strategically.

We have recently delivered a Business Intelligence solution to a company in the Telecom Industry, which helped them to analyze data, that they receive from their suppliers in PDF and/or HTML/Text files. The results were phenomenal and helped the company to remove the inefficiency in the supply chain process.

At Infomaze, we understand that all complex working, calculations and complex algorithm should be dealt in the background to help end user spend minimum time (or clicks) and achieve what they expect from the solution. And this is exactly what we do with our BI Solution offering.

Our solution allows you to chip in your data in the native format and our solution then automatically works on all the combinations to create results, which will be the first line of an intelligent report. With numerous filters and options to create more analytical reports, it makes the whole solution very useful for the organization.

Having useful information from your raw data and that too in the fastest possible manner will be a key factor in your company’s future decisions. We, at Infomaze also understand that BI is not something that can be offered as a packaged solution as each organization has its own set of requirements and analytic parameters. And hence, we have developed our BI Solution in a way that can be further customized to suit individual organizational needs. Our solution is a self-service BI Application that can benchmark your data against the industry standards to measure where you stand in the market.

A few of its splendid features are:

  • Reporting: It provides reports that are comprehensive. It provides a single version of truth based on the data that you feed it, thereby eliminating any doubts on the validity of the data.
  • Analysis: We are working on the solution to include predictive analysis so that any uncertainties regarding your prospective decisions are removed.
  • Collaboration: Use data from different sources; integrate them in any fashion that is required. Our BI Solution integrates data in just the right way.
  • Dashboard: It provides an extensive dashboard which allows you to exploit all the features of our solution.
  • Visualization: Our Solution can visualize the required data and present it in the form of graphs, simplifying the decision-making process further.
  • Real-time Monitoring: You can constantly review the key performance indicators (KPI) of your enterprise and take dynamic and pro-active decisions.
  • Alarms: The application allows you to set alarms to notify you when certain events occur.


Get in touch with our team to explore how our BI Solution can help you dig your data for more fruitful opportunities and business growth.